19th May 2017


Food & Drink Affiliate Network

TastePromote connects food and drink related producers and service providers with our community of promoters, complemented by leveraging our TasteWant food discovery platform and iOS App, to gain maximum exposure and sales opportunities for the businesses we work with.

Food and drink related businesses can simply join TastePromote and upload a range of their own branded collateral, social media posts, discount codes and much more for our community to promote.

The Community of Promoters

Our community of promoters is made up of leading food bloggers and lifestyle bloggers, as well as highly motivated individuals and businesses including digital agencies, who will receive a percentage commission for every successful sale they refer.

Exceptional Digital Marketing Outreach

As owners of the TasteWant brand we also promote our Merchants products and services on TasteWant itself as well as TasteWant Marketplace, TasteWant Vouchers, TasteWant Experiences and our TasteWant iOS App, not to mention promoting our Merchants products and services to our thousands of social media followers.

 Simple but Highly Effective Solution

Just take a look at how simple but massively effective our TastePromote solution is:

1.) Food producers/service providers (Merchants) add a simple piece of TastePromote code on their website

2.) The Merchants add their promotional content to the TastePromote platform

3.) Promoters register free to TastePromote and are given their own unique tracking code allowing them to access a wide range of Merchant collateral to promote and distribute as they please

4.) A ‘lead’ will click on the promoters content they have shared and be directed to the Merchants website where TastePromote will be able to track which promoter the individual  lead has come from

5.) If the lead turns into a successful sale, then the promoter will receive a percentage commission of that sale

6.) The Merchants and promoters have access to realtime analytics within the TastePromote dashboard to view and approve successful sales, number of referrals and a wide range of other useful information

7.) TastePromote will invoice the Merchant each month for any successful promoter sales plus a service charge (a percentage of each successful sale)

8.) The promoter will be paid their commission due* (when they reach the threshold)

This is a win win solution for everyone involved as the Merchants’ pay on successful sales, and the promoters can generate a potentially large revenue stream for referring a variety of relevant food and drink related products and services, complementing their content and digital marketing affiliate strategies.